Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Should I Wear?
A:  As with every public place, clothing will do!  Whether you dress formal or informal, the real issue is whether one is "dressed" on the inside, as we together meet the King of kings.

Q:  What can I expect as a first time guest?
A:  You will be warmly welcomed, and introduced to many friendly faces!  You will receive a small gift, because we are honored you would come to worship the Lord with us.  About ten minutes prior to the service we turn the auditorium into a “sanctuary” where we invite those who wish, to prepare their hearts for the worship service.

We have adopted a "Family Integrated" model for the worship service, where the entire congregation is present in the auditorium / sanctuary (except for rambunctious pre-schoolers, for whom a special space is available).  We believe God has designed church life with every person in mind.  From time to time the Children's Ministry Team will have a brief time of teaching the elementary and middle school aged children through our "Children's Corner" with dynamic object lessons. 

Q:  What about my pre-school aged children?  Is there room for them?
A:  Of course!  We are a family integrated church and highly value children of all ages:  from infants to those over 100!  We don’t have a “children’s department”, with specifically trained workers.  But we do have a lot of willing hands who utilize a great deal of common sense in the safety for, and nurture and training of, your pre-schoolers.  Also, every adult working with children has had a background check completed on them before they involve themselves in children’s ministry.

We are passionate about providing a platform for pre-school aged children to learn the Word of God--on their level.  We want them to consider church a “fun” and positive place to be.  We understand that pre-schoolers are active and so we don’t require them to be a part of the service.  As parents and the Children's Ministry Team partner together, we begin to integrate them into the service when they reach kindergarten.

Q:  Please explain your logo.
A:  The colors:  Green represents growth in Christ Jesus and purple reminds us that we serve the King of Kings.  The two half circles signify our striving after unity of everyone who is a part of Grace United, as well as remembering that Grace United is a part of the world-wide body of Christ.

The four icons indicate our mission.  The praying hands represent the foundation of our mission:  prayer.  The heart:  loving God through worship and loving obedience to His ways.  The Open Book stands for the Bible:  We learn the Bible by understanding the text and applying it to our lives.  The clasped hands depict caring for people, the lost (those outside the kingdom of God) and the found (those inside the kingdom of God).

Q:  Is there Sunday School?  

A:  Not in the traditional sense.  However, we have a highly interactive program what we call "Bible Fellowship" from 9:00-10:00.  During this time we typically offer 3 groups, where every person is invited to participate, regardless of age group.  This encourages families to actually stay together and discuss at home what was talked about during Bible Fellowship time.  

Q:  I like what I see!  Is there a place for me to get involved?
A:  Absolutely!  The organization of the ministry at Grace United consists of teams, with each team headed up by a Ministry Area Team Leader.  Whether you desire to get involved with local or global missions, hospitality, facilitating a small group, participating in music ministry or tech support, or children’s or youth ministry, there’s a place for you!  Please fill out the form located on the “Contact us” page.  Or send an email or give a phone call.  We can answer any question you may have, steer you in the right direction, and even train you if you need it.